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Dr Peter England Melbourne Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Pregnancy is a highly personal experience for every woman. Dr Peter England is dedicated to providing compassionate care to all patients to ensure you always have the best pregnancy possible.

In our private clinic, maternity patients receive custom care.

The Private GP Shared Care Program allows you to consider the option of sharing your maternity care with a private, highly experienced obstetrician and your own personal GP.

Free eBook
During pregnancy, it’s common to have many questions as your body changes and your baby grows.  Dr Peter England has written a free book for anyone to download with answers to some of the most regular questions. Pregnant patients can download the free A-Z of Pregnancy eBook, some questions are asked less, but still important!

Melbourne Obstetric and Gynaecology Services
Dr Peter England

In my practice, I provide a diverse women’s health service involving management of high and low-risk pregnancies. I’ve had a long term interest in gynaecological conditions, including general and surgical gynaecology.

The practice can provide personalised care catered specifically for your personal health needs.

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Specialising in normal and high risk pregnancies, diabetes in pregnancy and consulting with patients regarding pre-pregnancy planning and fertility issues

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There are many gynaecological conditions that you might need assistance, treatment or surgery for, both before before or after pregnancy


Peri-menopause and menopause are a significant time in your life, but for many women the changes can arrive quickly, hitting you with no warning. You don’t have to do menopause alone.

Shared Maternity Care. Couple holding an ultrasound image in black and white - Dr Peter England

Shared Maternity Care

Shared maternity care is a form of obstetric care that allows you to see both an obstetrician and your own GP during your pregnancy. This is not limited to the public health system.

Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is tested for during your pregnancy. With careful management you can still have a healthy and safe pregnancy and birth. Specialised care is available during your pregnancy.

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Postnatal Care

After your baby arrives I will review you approximately 6 weeks post delivery in the rooms. It’s a good time to see your baby and answer any questions you might have.