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When do we start talking about your birth? Right from the start. You might even want to see me before you get pregnant to discuss thoughts, hopes and concerns around your babies arrival. Many mums spend a lot of time thinking about how their baby will arrive, what will happen? It’s best to discuss any questions as soon as you think of them.

From your first antenatal appointment, we will start a discussion around childbirth.

There is no exact formula for how you should feel about childbirth, every birth is as individual as you are. As an Obstetrician, it helps enormously for me to know about how you would like to plan for your birth experience. This might be discussions around whether to aim for normal delivery or plan a caesarean section. Discussion about when to come to hospital, simple ways of coping with contractions, and options for choices around methods of pain relief you may require.

We’ll talk about a range of things, from induction of labour, going over your due date, the role of epidural analgesia, preparing physically and mentally for labour.

If this is not your first baby then I will want to know as much as possible about your previous experiences of pregnancy, birth and your recovery. My role is to help you achieve the birth you are hoping for while keeping a focus on the safety of you and your baby. Sometimes the best-laid plans have to change quickly as pregnancy and labour are a dynamic process.

Importantly, during your birth, you will be supported by a team of highly qualified people to provide you with the best possible outcome for both you and your baby.

Make an appointment to discuss your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby.