Joy in Pregnancy

Joy in Pregnancy. Joyful women with colourful confetti

Pregnancy should be a very joyful time. When you make the decision to start a family there is a quiet sense of anticipation for what lies ahead.

First is the joy of a positive pregnancy test. Often referred to as “peeing on a stick”, a positive home pregnancy test is certainly an exciting moment for a couple.

The joy of seeing the baby’s heartbeat on an ultrasound at your first visit.

At your first visit, I will perform an ultrasound to check how things are going. The sight and sound of your baby’s heartbeat more often than not will bring tears of happiness.

The joy of announcing to your family and friends that you are pregnant is a special time and can be fun for everyone involved. Sharing such a positive development with loved ones, often at the end of the first trimester is a great time.

The joy of good news from important tests. Getting through important blood tests and ultrasound checks at 13 and 20 weeks brings a great sense of relief.

The joy of feeling your baby moving in your uterus for the first time. A milestone that all women look forward to and love.

The joy of selecting a name for your baby. While some names are inherited on family lines, many couples will spend hours and hours discussing and gently debating the name for their baby. Lots of fun for the most part – if you’re stuck for a name how about Peter or Peta!

There is the joy of reassurance at your pregnancy checkups that all is well with both you and your baby’s health, or learning how your pregnancy is going.

And then, the joy of finally seeing your baby born, feeling skin to skin contact, seeing his or her little face, hearing the first cry. Words simply can’t describe this time.

There are many other joys and so much to look forward to.

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Author: Dr Peter England, Obstetrician and Gynaecologist.
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