Hot Weather and Pregnancy

During an Australian summer, you are highly likely to have to deal with very hot weather and pregnancy. We have many extreme weather days where the temperature will get very hot. If you’re pregnant during the hot weather, you’ll need to take extra care and be aware of how you are feeling.

In pregnancy, women are a little more vulnerable to the effects of a hot day. Feeling faint or even fainting is not uncommon during pregnancy when you get too hot.

This is due to lower blood pressure than normal from the effect of pregnancy hormones.

Six Tips for coping with Hot Weather and Pregnancy

  1. Do any jobs you have to do early in the morning and then lay low and relax for the day.
  2. Don’t do any exercise in the heat, save it for after the cool change.
  3. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, and eat modestly: a big hot meal will temporarily lower your blood pressure and can make you feel unwell.
  4. If you are suffering morning sickness take regular anti-nauseants as prescribed by your doctor and sip on fluids throughout the day.
  5. Be especially careful in hot parked cars where you will start to overheat quickly. Cars become very hot within minutes, make sure the air conditioning of the car is on, or sit outside of the car. Never leave a baby or child in a car.
  6. Use cool cloths to keep yourself cool if you are not able to find a cool place. Wear cool, natural fabrics that allow you to cool down easier.

If you are feeling very unwell and concerned you might have heat stroke, seek medical advice quickly.

Signs that you may have heatstroke include:

  • Fast shallow breathing and a rapid pulse
  • Feeling dizzy, confused, nauseous, vomiting
  • You may find it hard to concentrate, speak or co-ordinate your movements
  • High temperature
  • Headache
  • Very thirsty

Heatstroke can be very serious.

If you think you have heatstroke, call Triple Zero

If you are one of my patients, call the rooms on 03 9415 9088.

Dr Peter England is a specialist obstetrician and gynaeocologist providing medical care to patients in Australia.

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