Download Your Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital bag list

When your due date is getting closer, you’ll start thinking about having your hospital bags packed and ready to go!

In general, as a private patient, you’ll be in hospital around four nights. Pack enough casual and comfortable clothing for a few days.

You’ll also need to pack any toiletries you might need. It’s best to stick with products that you use regularly, now is not the time to try a new scent or body product. Your baby can be cleaned with warm water and a soft cloth, baby products are optional, but not necessary.

Do you have a music playlist? Some women prepare a spotify playlist to listen to during labour, remember to download your playlist to your device, or bring your charger.

Your baby will also need clothes, wraps and beanies, and you’ll need your baby’s car seat fitted correctly before it’s time to go home.

It’s good to have all of your health information in an easy to find space, including your private health number, Medicare number, any medications you are taking and your antenatal record.

You can download the checklist here to help you pack what you need in your hospital bag.


Download Hospital Bag Checklist


When we asked our new mums on Instagram what an essential item for their hospital bags was, they shared some great tips too.

  • A spare bag for dirty washing, life saver when I got home.
  • An extra long cord for your phone charger.
  • Hydrogel breast discs