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Obstetrician Dr Peter England

Dr Peter England Melbourne Obstetrician

Your pregnancy is a highly personal experience and requires individualised care, specific to your own health and lifestyle needs. 

I provide bespoke and compassionate care to every patient to ensure you have the best pregnancy possible.

I am a Melbourne Obstetrician and I have worked in both Australia and the UK. I am the Head of the Diabetes and Pregnancy Clinic at Royal Woman’s Hospital. I have substantial experience in managing highly complex and difficult pregnancies.

I provide expert care for:




Patients with Diabetes

The Practice
& Staff

Glenda Mihocic Midwife and practice manager at Dr Peter England Melbourne Obstetrician


Midwife/Practice Manager

Glenda Mihocic is our practice midwife and the Practice Manager. Glenda has worked as a midwife and seen the arrival of thousands of babies throughout her career and now provides support, advice and guidance for all obstetric patients. 

Glenda is an accredited vaccination provider and will provide you with the latest information to help you protect both yourself and your baby from Flu Virus and whooping cough during pregnancy. These vaccinations can be provided for you right here in our rooms during one of your antenatal appointments. 

Her warm and bright manner combined with extensive practical experience makes Glenda an excellent point of contact for patients. 

Glenda works in the rooms on Monday and Tuesday.

Glenda Mihocic is a highly experienced midwife who has worked extensively in delivery suite having been Associate Nurse Unit Manager for 15 years at Freemasons. She is also an accredited vaccination provider. Her warm and bright manner combined with extensive practical experience makes her an excellent point of contact for patients. Glenda works in the rooms on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Siena Macshane Practice administration officer at at Dr Peter England Melbourne Obstetrician


Practice Administration Officer

Siena Macshane joined our team during the pandemic and has hit the ground running! Siena is often the person answering your calls, making appointments, following up any paperwork you need, and answering the many questions that you might have. A regular part of Siena’s work is to call people to reveal the gender of their baby – or sometimes the cake maker! 
Siena is currently studying at Monash University, and working part-time in the practice.

Shery Nikiforou Receptionist and bookkeeper at Dr Peter England Melbourne Obstetrician



Shery has just returned from maternity leave and will be working in the rooms every Tuesday. Shery will assist you with any accounts queries, phone calls, appointments and will often be the person to call and tell you when your results are ready.

Shery has worked in the medical field for almost 10 years after starting off at a small radiology clinic, then moving on to private psychiatry. Shery joined our team in early 2018.

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