Melbourne Gynaecology

Dr Peter England is a Melbourne Gynaecologist.

Dr Peter England provides expert gynaecological care for all women at any age and stage of life.

The private practice is located within St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne.

If you require surgery, we will discuss the proposed procedure, preparation prior to the procedure, what to expect after surgery and postoperative care and follow up.

You will be provided with an information page listing your admission and fasting times, the location of your procedure, details of the anaesthetist and assistant surgeon (if required), item numbers relating to your health insurance so you can check if you have an excess and costs involved in your surgery.

If you are an uninsured patient, you will be provided with approximate costs for theatre, bed fees, anaesthetist and assistant surgeon (if required) and out of pocket costs if applicable. Hospital and bed fees are paid upon admission.

Dr England performs a wide variety of gynaecological surgery. He continually updates his skills and knowledge. He is committed to ongoing certification of Continuing Medical Education with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Dr England will see you between 6 weeks and 3 months post operatively depending on the surgery you need. If you have any concerns post operatively, please do not hesitate to phone the rooms for immediate advice.

Dr England performs regular gynaecological surgery at Epworth Freemasons Main Hospital, the Freemasons Day Procedure Centre and St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

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If you are seeking more information regarding Melbourne Gynaecology services, please email the team.