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Dr. Peter England

Dr Peter England provides a diverse women’s health practice involving management of high and low-risk pregnancies. He has had a long term interest in gynaecological conditions, including general and surgical gynaecology. 

The practice can provide personalised care catered for specifically for your personal health needs.


Dr Peter England specialises in normal and high-risk pregnancies, diabetes in pregnancy and also assists patients with pre-pregnancy planning and infertility.


There are many reasons to see a gynaecologist. Check the Women’s Health page for lots of information. Dr England also performs a wide variety of gynaecological surgery.

Shared Maternity Care

Shared maternity care is a form of obstetric care that allows you to see both an obstetrician and your own GP during your pregnancy. 

Postnatal Care

Dr England will review you approximately 6 weeks post delivery at his rooms. Contraception will be discussed and a thorough gynaecological check will be performed.