Melbourne Obstetrician, Dr Peter England provides obstetrics and pregnancy care and management to patients.

Dr England specialises in normal and high-risk pregnancies, diabetes in pregnancy and pre-pregnancy planning.

Dr Peter England delivers your baby at your choice of the following maternity hospitals:

Dr Peter England is a highly experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist, with over 25 years obstetric experience. He continues to work at the Royal Women’s Hospital training new obstetricians and delivering babies.

Obstetrics Care
Pregnancy is a highly personal experience for every woman. Dr Peter England is dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care to every patient to ensure they have the best pregnancy possible. Peter has worked in both Australia and the UK.  He is head of the Diabetes Clinic at Royal Woman’s Hospital and has worked in the clinic for over 20 years. During this time, Dr Peter England became well known for his expertise in managing complex and difficult pregnancies. 

Your FIRST Pregnancy Appointment:

Your first pregnancy appointment is a really wonderful appointment for most women. This appointment takes a little extra time and usually occurs around 8-9 weeks gestation. With ultrasound equipment in my rooms you will see your baby for the first time and hear their heartbeat – a fantastic sound!

You will need to have a referral from your local doctor before you arrive.

If this is your first visit to me, we will discuss a number of aspects of your general health and anything that might need extra attention due to your own health concerns.

During the course of your pregnancy, we will discuss your wishes for your birth. Some patients wish to write a birth plan, though it is certainly not compulsory. Sometimes the best-laid plans need to change according to circumstances so please keep an open mind. 

Send us an email inquiry today for more information. 

Your Pregnancy

Ultrasounds are routinely performed as part of the antenatal visits in my rooms. At approximately 13 and 20 weeks I will provide a referral for an expert detailed ultrasound to check on your growing baby’s anatomy and development. 

At around 28 weeks I will organise a test for diabetes and check your blood count. At 36 weeks a vaginal swab will be taken to test if you are a carrier of Group B Streptococcus, a potentially dangerous bacteria in labour carried by 1 in 8 women. If you do test positive you will receive antibiotics during labour and at delivery. A positive result does NOT mean that you have an infection yourself. 

You and your partner are encouraged to attend antenatal classes, which are run by most maternity hospitals free of charge. Private physiotherapy classes are also available.

Partners and children are welcome at your visits (please check current COVID restrictions) however, when attending the detailed 12 and 20 weeks ultrasounds during pregnancy, small children can be distracting for the scanning doctor and babysitting arrangements should be considered.

Book your first pregnancy appointment with Dr Peter England

If time has allowed, the best time for your first appointment is around 8-9 weeks gestation. However, for many reasons, sometimes your first appointment might need to be much later.

Send our team an email to arrange your first pregnancy appointment or to request our pregnancy information brochure.

Shared Maternity Care

Shared Maternity Care

Private GP Shared Care Maternity Program
In his private practice, Dr Peter England, provides maternity patients with a boutique shared care program. The Private GP Shared Care Program allows patients the option of sharing their maternity care with a private, highly experienced obstetrician and their own personal GP. Any patient interested in discussing the Private GP Shared Care maternity program can call the rooms to discuss if the option is suitable for their maternity care.

There are many benefits of a GP shared maternity care model. For more information about this option please read the Shared Care page.

Complimentary Childbirth Education Courses for all patients

Pregnancy, Birth, Early Parenting and Baby Feeding Courses

Preparation, knowledge, knowing your body and the process of pregnancy and birth all help you feel more confident and in control during pregnancy and labour.

To support you to stay informed and confident about decisions you are making during pregnancy and to care for your baby, all of my patients receive complimentary access to Nourish Baby Online Education.

Nourish Baby allows you to learn at your own pace and covers a huge amount of information in small easy to follow modules.

All of my new patients will receive information in their new patient pack on how to access this education at no cost.

There is a course with information for breastfeeding mums, if that’s you, and you’re a previous patient, please get in touch and we can provide you the complimentary code.

You might also notice me talking in a number of sections, such as the topic on gestational diabetes, foetal movements, placenta previa, preeclampsia and more!


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If you’re looking for more information about pregnancy and birth, there are many articles on our Women’s Health Information page, including posts covering a range of gynaecology issues. 

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